Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Weekend of Firsts

A few weeks ago, my mum sent me a text message. This is what it said "Do you know anyone who could teach me to make cards like you do?" I know, what do you say to this......... I mean, 'DUH'. My reply, "Me stupid". So, yesterday my mum came over for her first stamping lesson! I gave her a couple of left over M&T's from my last workshop and set her in motion. I also made a discovery - I found out that my 'Ribbon Challengedness' is INHERITED. I also showed her how to colour images using coloured pencils & OMS. She CASED my 'Sorry Bear' card, except she changed the sentiment to 'Happy Birthday', & she even wrote her greeting in the matching Pale Plum marker!!! She was so proud of her creations. Next week, a box of SU goodies will be arriving at my door for her! How cool is that! I'm so pleased that we can enjoy a hobby together, and with her coming over to my place to stamp too, she gets to spend some extra time with Harrison, who just LOVES his Nana's.

My second first - I know, not really logical but bear with me, was Harrison having his first sleepover! Jarrod & I had an engagement party to go to so Harrison spent the night at Jarrod's mum & dad's. It was SO strange coming home and seeing an empty little cot. It was SO strange waking up without his smiling face greeting me! He seemed to have a great time & I know Nana & Pop had a great time too!

Next post will be of some recent projects, including those I made for our friend's engagement.

Just to finish off, here is a photo I took of Harrison last week, just before his shower. He looked so cute and has begun to realise that he should 'smile' for the camera (or in this case, just open you mouth and look super cute). I'm hoping to get another scrapbook page done soon, this time with a 'bath' theme so I can include this one.

Photo Credit: Joanne Eades - copyright 2007

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SpAzzGiRL said...

He's soooo cute!
True scrapbookers son, looks like he is posing. LOL