Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just In Case You're Wondering

Yes, this will eventually be my Stampin' Up! 'website/weblog. I just have to run it by DSAUS before I start putting anything SU related on it. Don't want to get in trouble before I get started!!

Christmas Photos

Alrighty then, got the first photo up without any problems. Now this time, I'm going to try to add 2 to the one posting. Let's see how this goes.

This is my 16 week old cutie, dressed in his Santa suit, ready to help Santa dish out the presents on Christmas day. We're very lucky - he is such a wonderful baby - everywhere we go, everyone comments on how happy & content he is....they wouldn't have said that if they had seen us during our Christmas shopping excursion. Boy, was he loud. I guess he just wanted to let us know that 4 hrs is too long to be shopping, lol. Well, he is a guy after all!

This is another photo of Harrison, taken yesterday, wearing his new Quiksilver hoodie that Santa bought him. How cute is he, although he doesn't look too impressed about having ANOTHER photo taken. Enough already........
This photo started off in the wrong place, but it was easy enough to move. Not too shabby blogger!!!

OK Blogger, let's see how good you really are!

Time for the real test blogger, how easy is it to add photos to the blog. I've just found out that it's best to add photos singularly, which is why I'm doing this over lol!

OK, so this is a photo of our Christmas tree. I was inspired by Ali Edwards. To get this look, I set the camera to the Fireworks setting - I just love how it turned out.

OK, you're lucky!

You've got a 2nd chance blogger. It looks like I just didn't save the changes. Lucky for you. Let's try something else now.

It's not looking good for you!

I thought I'd made changes but guess what, it doesn't appear that they have worked. One more try blogger. You're on thin ice lol.

Will it be you I chose Blogspot

Well, will it? I'm not sure. Your benefits, free. Well that's gotta be good. Easy of use. Well, you're a bit harder to manage than the other I'm trying out so we'll see.