Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Convention 2010 - Long Post ahead

Wow, another great Convention has come and gone.  What a fantastic time I had in Sydney.  Before Convention started, I took on the challenge of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge with my very good friend  and roommate Flick (or is that Phlick, lol).  Now I am not good with heights, so this was a very BIG deal for me.  The ladder parts were the worst, especially coming down, when you climb down between the train tracks.  Not only did I have 1 train zip past me, but 4 - OMG.   My hands were absolutely filthy from the Death Grip that I had on the railings, a fact that was evident in the photos they took at the top.  The view was utterly spectacular, as we climbed as darkness fell, but I'm glad I can add the climb to the 'been & seen' list!

Onto Convention.  We were a little late getting started and as a result I missed out on getting one of Teneale's great swaps - check it out - it is defiantely a highlight of convention to get one of Teneale's swaps.  I didn't make as many swaps as I did last year and as a result swapped mine out very quickly.  Then it was on to Momento Mall, where I was lucky enough to grab one of the fantabulous Card Trees (photo to follow), along with a beautiful black cardigan with three cute rosettes made out of the wide black striped grosgrain ribbon.  I'll have to get of a photo of that too.  I also picked up the super cute Pink Flamingo Beach Towel.

Our Convention bags contained some brand new stamps sets that will be featured in the new catalogue and some super cute rub ons.  We used those in our make & takes.  I'm not sure if I can post them here yet - if I can, I will as they are really, really sweet.  I still have one to finish as I am a bit of a slow stamper.

Day 2 started with classes (man, a little more sleep may have been good, lol), then another general session, in which Shelli gave another great stamping demo.  I have lots of great photos of Shelli's fingers as she was doing the 'Price is Right' wave over the cute elements.  Day 2 finished with the last prize patrol, which I was lucky enough to win  the Cottage Garden set from the Autum/Winter Mini.  Then everyone was whipped into a frenzy when Shelli said that she was sad that not everyone had received a free stamp set and wouldn't it be good if everyone got a free set.  Up on the big screens came ANOTHER brand new stamp set, and this was handed out to ALL of us.  This one coordinates with alot of our current punches, the wide oval, the scalloped oval, the curly label, the scalloped circle, the round tab and the modern label, which is a bit of a sneak peek for us.

As this is getting a bit long, I'll finish up with a couple of photos

The registration area, waiting for the doors to open.

This one is of me, Chris and my adopted upline, Gail.  Gail and I are both signed direct to SU! and she has been lovely enough to allow me to join in with her and her great, fun downline.

This is the display board from Shannon's great presentation using the Circle Scissor Plus.  I can't wait to pull mine out to try some of these ideas out!

Well, that's it for me tonight, just waiting to see who wins Survivor!