Friday, November 6, 2009

No, you don't need glasses

It is actually me posting on my blog, LOL!

So what have I been doing since my last post way back in May, I hear you ask???  Well, if you remember we were house hunting for a bigger house and renovating the unit were we used to live.  Notice I used the term 'used' - that's because we found a new house - YIPPEE.  We moved to beautiful Upwey in August.  We have nearly finished renovating the unit - hopefully that will be ready to put on the market next weekend.

So you'd like me to tell you about our new house - well, OK.  It is much, much bigger than our 2 bedroom unit that we were squashed into.  But one of the best things about the house is that I now have my very own stamp room or 'studio' as I've decided to call it.  Here's a couple of photos, it's not quite finished yet but I love it none the less

Pictures Oct 09 241Pictures Oct 09 243So you're looking at my current workspace, with room for 2.  I've got room to add another 2 tables, which will give a total of 4 workstations in this area.  There is also another area about 2 m x 4 m that will be my class area.  The 2nd photo is of my cupboards , which are directly behind my work area, the smaller one is my 'contraband cupboard' and has all my PaperTrey, BG and other assorted items of fancy.  The bigger cupboard currently has my SU stamps, DSP and other assorted accessories.  Eventually I will add another cupboard beside it to house other stuff that is currently in A4 sized stackable drawers.  On the floor are a couple of Ikea chest of drawers which I am painting and once finished will sit on my desk and house adhesives, bone folders, scissors etc.

I also wanted to tell you about another new development - I have a new Stampin' Up! website -   This is where you will find current Stampin' Up! specials (check it out now to find out the November specials), my class calendar (once I update it - I'm aiming for classes to start around end of November).  You can even join my team online!  Whilst I'm not stopping my blog completely, the DBWS will have the most up to date SU! info (because SU! update it for me, lol)

Now before this becomes a 1,000 page epic, I will leave you with a photo I took a week or so ago from our balcony.  Hope you like it! Pictures Oct 09 282