Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's Been Happening??????

Well, not all that much here, what about you? Once again, I can't believe how quickly the days are flying week my little boy will be 5 months old. Watching him today, he started to move his legs in the crawling motion......time to start baby proofing the house. The big question is -what do I do with all my stamping & crafting supplies - they are currently stacked in clear plastic boxes beside our dining table as what was going to be my craft room is now Harrison's room (we only have 2 bedrooms). I also have lots of things in draw units too. Now I know the boxes will be too hard for him to open, but the drawers - I think they'll be easy picking. Any ideas?

I've been meaning to get some samples done for some upcoming workshops but I haven't been sitting down until late & the light is SO bad that it has really put me off. I need to go out and get a new globe for my light TODAY so I can get going. I did get a scrapbook page started - only my 2nd one EVER - I say started because now I'm stuck. I just don't know where to go from here?!? Scrapbooking is WAY HARD. I'll post what I've done so far & hopefully someone can give me some tips on what to do next (please....)

This week I have been inspired in other ways - actually, by Triple J's Annual Hottest 100 countdown that was broadcast on Australia Day (Jan 26), so yesterday we ventured out to JB Hi-Fi to spend a gift voucher Jarrod got for his birthday LAST YEAR before it expires (we are so bad at using these by the due date). We picked up the Foo Fighters - 'Skin & Bone' and the very first volume of Triple J's Hottest 100 that is full of really cool songs from way back in 93. So last night I decided to get busy 'updating' my itunes library on the home computer. It now 'looks' very pretty. lol. I also downloaded a few songs that I seem to be missing from 'The Smiths' - bits & pieces from the album 'Meat Is Murder'. Much to Jarrod's dismay, I am still pretty much stuck in the '80's when it comes to my music. He calls me the 'Queen of Crap Music' and reckons that we have music on our iPod that no one else has never heard of! Well, he might be right, LOL!

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