Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Been A While - Life's Been Interrupting

Yowzers, it's been ages since I last posted something. It's that long ago, I can't even remember if it was something creative or not. Oh, hang on a minute, it's coming back to was a birthday card for my partner's little brother's birthday!

I have managed to do something creative in the meantime, however pictures are still to be downloaded from the's on the 'TO DO' list, along with a million other things.

So what would be on that very long list:
*download photos taken of project I have made
*upload here
*make & send out invitations for Harrison's Christening, to be held next month
*find a new job!!!

I guess most of you know that I'm currently on maternity leave. I was planning to go back to work in July, starting back a couple of days a week and slowly getting back into full time work. I had it all worked out in my head - was going to all slot back into place really well - as it does when it's in your head, LOL. Unfortunately, it looks like I don't actually have a job to go back to! Business has been a bit slow in the Machine Tool industry and there's no work for me (insert sad face). There is the possibility of part time but definitely no full time work.

It's a bit of a bummer. I've gotten myself all psyched up to go back to work, cause I'd much rather be a S.A.H.M. but the equation goes like this:
another baby = bigger house (actually we need a bigger house regardless)
bigger house = way more money than we have now
way more money = me going back to work so my SU! is really thick icing on the cake!

So tonight I've attempted to re-do my resume. I've been at my current job since '97 and boy is it hard to remember what it was I did before then! How exciting is my Saturday night!

Well, it's almost midnight, so I'm going to say 'So long, farewell, auf weidersen, goodnight' and I promise to upload something purty in the next few days.

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