Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please Indulge Me

as I quitely (or not so) toot my own horn.

The card that I entered in the ColourQ 134 challenge was chosen as the Colour Queen.  I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw the post this morning.  There was a tear or two!!  Check out the cool badge I now have in my sidebar.

Now I have the closing deadlines stored in this sieve like brain of mine, I will be trying to play along more often.  In fact, I've already worked out what I'm going to do for this week's colours.

Thanks for visiting *toot toot*


Sam said...

Big congrats Jo. Well done, and you deserve lots of toots, hoots, and thunderous applause!!

Nikki Spencer said...

Go you..:0) Well done Jo, well deserved, it's a beautiful card. Toot away!!!

Chris said...

You know, I thought that the card looked familiar on the ColourQ site - now I realise I saw it here first! Well done, my dear, and well deserved :-)

Tina said...

Congrats Jo! I agree with Nikki - toot away!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jo, congrats. Love the badge, it looks stunning on the side there :) Marls

Patrice said...

Woohoo go you! And as I'm going backwards through your posts I know you've been keeping up with the Colour Q Challenges. Good for you.