Friday, July 6, 2012

JAI 125 - Just Add Winter

Hello and welcome.  This week's challenge at Just Add Ink is to Just Add Winter, which is quite apt, considering how cold and wet it is here at the moment.

I started off trying to make a paper craft project for this theme, but that didn't really work out.  Then on Sunday our ducted heating decided it would be a fantastic time NOT to work.  On Tuesday night, I had a brain wave as to what to do for this challenge, and this is what I made.

This is my very first MDS page.  I had the brainwave to document our lack of heating and I thought MDS would be the way to go since I don't normally scrapbook and I needed something quick as my deadline was looming and I didn't have enough time to get a photo printed out to make a paper version.

This heater is the one I normally use in my studio, and whilst it keeps the studio toasty warm whilst I'm down there, our house was freezing unless you were 12" away from it :)  I also couldn't believe that SO many stores were sold out of heaters.  Hello, it's still winter people!  I am pleased to report we are now toasty warm in the house as we were lucky enough to have a replacement unit installed today and my little heater can return to it's rightful place.

Well, that's it from me.  Be sure to check what the rest of the Design Team have come up with - lots of lovely creations for you.

Thanks for visiting and stay warm


KimB said...

OK you had me totally intrigued and then laughing when I read your journalling! Really pleased to hear you got the heating fixed though!

Narelle Farrugia said...

I love this Jo - you're very funny making this into a page. I feel sooooo sorry for you using this as your heating coz it's been really cold in Melbourne!