Thursday, June 2, 2011

In reply

To this anonymous comment I received yesterday,

Jo, I can see you're excited about the opportunity we were given at convention for sneakie peaks. I'm shocked however that you are posting them all on your blog. Do you think it's doing yourself or your business (not to mention other demos) any good?? With three months until our own catalogue release, would you not be better off concentrating on the things you think are going to be retiring?

I just want to state the following:

1.  During check in at Convention we were all give a piece of paper that stated, and I quote, "We're excited to share the 2011 - 2013 In Colors with you!!!  Because these colours have not been released in any market, we ask that you not share names or photos of the 2011 - 2013 In Colours until June 1, 2011"

2.  During Pam Morgan's General Session presentation, she requested that we do not post photos of anything we had seen at Convention until June 1, so as not to ruin the surprise for those on the Alaskan Cruise (sorry cruisers, we did get to see the projects Pam demonstrated before you :))

3.  The kicker, and my personal favourite is a copy of an email I have from Australian Demonstrator Support which states, and I quote, "From the 1 June 2011 you may share photos of projects using the convention stamp sets.  Photos of the actual products cannot be shared until the catalogue is available to the public on the Stampin' Up! website on the 1 September 2011."

My post yesterday showing the Make & Takes we did at Convention and the 2011 - 2013 In Colors was based on WRITTEN CONFIRMATION I had received from Demonstrator Support themselves.

As for your assertion that I'm not doing my business any good, well I hate to disappoint you but I haven't had a thriving business since I returned to work fulltime, nearly 4 years ago.  Not that it's really any business of yours.  I hardly feel that my posting of the M&T will detract from your, or any other demo's businesses either when Stampin' Up! are offering a VERY generous Hostess Promotion at the moment and yesterday announced another promotion that will run for the month of July.

And, no, I do not think I would be better off concentrating my efforts on things that may be retiring.  I couldn't care less about what's retiring and what's not.  I am, however, interested in providing those who read my blog samples of new and exciting products when I have been advised I'm allowed to do so.

So thank you for visiting my blog, maybe next time you will be upfront enough to leave your name rather than hiding behind an anonymous comment.


Danielle said...

Oh Jo, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with such a catty comment. :-(

*Big hugs*

Anonymous said...

One of the reason why demonstrators dont do SU anymore is because other demonstrators are bithy and harrass others about something they should not ....its not a good look and all I want to say is that look over your own business and stay out of the lip and get on with your own business.

Danielle said...

Well said, Delys.

Felicity said...

well said Jo and Delys :)

Chris said...

Jo, you rock babe!

Gail Kirby said...

Don't hold back JoJo *g* I totally agree, some people just have got nothing better to do and if they stopped stalking other demos blogs just looking to catch people out instead of concentrating on their own businesses, they might actually achieve something!

Gail Kirby said...

yay finally got in, it's been so long since I updated my own blog that I had forgotten my password lol!

Jane Norrish said...

Well said Jo (and Delys), you did nothing wrong and it is totally up to you what you want to share with your customers and blog readers. If other demonstrators run their businesses differently - fine that is up to them. Our customers aren't stupid and if they don't see it here they will soon see it on the US blogs and then we look stupid for not sharing.
Jane ;-)

Leigh said...

Jo, the way you have dealt with such a nasty comment is brilliant. I especially like the last three paragraphs in your rebuttal.
You are absolutely correct and confirmation is now on the SU AUS/NZ demo site.

Anonymous said...

wow ... Ive had a couple of G&Ts plus a wine to start the evening off with Delys ... then Ive been looking at all the Melbourne Crews Blogs and I come across this ... Jo do you know who this revolting person is? Well said - you are a class act in your response - as the locals in NZ would say "what an egg". cheers Andrea & the dogs!

Stampinlady said...

Hi Jo! As one Aussie demonstrator to another, GOOD ON YOU!!!
One of my fav quotes atm is: Hey! I found your nose ... it was in my business again =)
Anonymous should not be an option. Name and shame, and show up those who are nit picky finger pokers! Get a grip ... and a life while you are at it!
As if we haven't already looked up the USA stuff for retired lists, new colours, and new set teasers!
AND if they haven't ... well, they can't be that obsessed huh?

Ann said...

Hi Jo, I came across your blog via Just Add Ink and as a dedicated Stampin Up customer I love these tiny peaks of what's to come! Thanks so much for sharing, which is after all what stamping&crafting is all about isn't it??? Such pettiness is what doesn't do the brand any good - some people just need to get out more :)